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September 8, 2016 Comments Off on Want relief from back pain? The secret lies within Your Feet! Try it for yourself Views: 4098 Health

Want relief from back pain? The secret lies within Your Feet! Try it for yourself

The most tensed area is in your feet as they bear the heaviest burden while doing physical activities. We rely on our feet almost all the time to support our moments so we have to take extra care of them. As a prevention method for back pain There are some exercises you can do yourself to get rid of the pain your aching back.

You can learn a lot from a 5 millennia old method like acupressure therapy to gently take out the stress out from our feet. This chinese method uses precise finger placement methods over particular points of the body.

Therefore, these 5 simple exercises will help you ease all the stress and pain.

Toe press
Like Yoga, try it while in standing position bend the knees a bit to grip the floor with the toes. Hold in that position and count to 3. Repeat this 3 times daily, in 10 sets.

Toe Pencil Pickups
A fun task even you can try while reading this article. Simply place a pencil on the ground, and lift it off, hold for 10 seconds, and release it. Repeat the exercise 5 times for both feet.

Toe walking
This method strengthens the back bones, muscles, and stretches the ligaments. Try walking on the tip of your toes for 20 seconds, Rest for 15 seconds, and repeat five more times. For best effects, do this twice daily.

Resisted Flexion
Sit on the floor and straighten the feet in front and wrap an exercise band around the bedpost. Then, place the band on the top of the feet, and lean backward to tighten it. Then, with the foot bent backward, hold for 5 seconds, rest a bit, and do 10 repetitions.

Ankle circles
There is a lot of tension hidden in ankles. Ankles need to be gently handled while doing this exercise. While lying on the back, extend the leg over the head, and rotate it clockwise. Count to 10, and repeat with the other leg as well.