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Some things Girls Do In Movies But Never In Real Life

Movies are very realistically made sometimes or so it seems doesn’t it ? You wonder sometimes if a girl really does this in real life, dont you? Lets take a look at what all are real and what all are fake

1. Wake Up – Flawless
No one wakes up glamorous in the mornings and we all don’t have smooth skin, shiny and voluminous hair and beautiful eyelashes when we wake up.

2. Outfits For Days
It seems like in movies that women have a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories. Highly unlikely, that would only be possible if every girl in real life were filthy rich. But movies sure make every girl’s dream come true.

3. Looking Good When Exercising
How come in movies we see women who are always having their makeup on exercising in gyms. In real life that story is highly unlikely, who wants to be sweating while wearing make up?

4. Having Pillow Fights In Underwear
This is the most absurd movie buff cliche ever. Every hollywood movie ever made for box office hits has had one or two scenes of sleepover underwear pillow fights. Who does that? Common people!

5. Running In Heels
It’s awfully difficult to run while wearing heels. But we have seen gorgeously stunning women in expensive running around and fight crime in films. In reality, NOT POSSIBLE!

6. Fighting For The Bouquet
Most movies show women who are desperate for marriages and who fight over the bouquet to be the next bride. Well it’s just getting rather old for our taste.