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September 26, 2016 Comments Off on Some things you need to think about before you separate with your partner Views: 1825 Featured, Relation

Some things you need to think about before you separate with your partner

Now a days relationships are breaking faster. Before according to traditional Indian custom of living, when the joint families existed divorce cases were rare. Problems between partners members were shared between family members. Lets hope the future of a modern city are not filled with divorce cases and people who cant stand each other. Here are some of the things you need to check before you decide to split up with your partner.

1. Did I do my best to handle the relationship ?
Even if you are fed up in a relationship , you need to ask yourself this question. You are going break up some one , which means it can hurt both yours and their feelings. After you have forsaken the relationship there is no turning back. So you need to analyze your relationship and check whether if you have done your best to handle your partner. And then if it’s just too much worry, you can go ahead with the break up.

2. Are my actions influenced by anyone else?
Is another relationship the reason you are moving on? It’s a very trick thing to be open about your feelings about someone else to yourself. Are your friends affecting your judgement to break this relationship? Is this what you truly want in life. After the deed is done all you are left with are memories of the person.

3. Am I jumping forward without thinking about my actions
Will the relationships end affect anyone other than the both of you? Such thoughts need to be analysed. Maybe if you want to break up, you are just angry at the person. You need to give it second and third thoughts. As maybe you will realize later, this was done out of spite and instinct. But you truly did love that person. But then it would have been too late to go back and stop yourself.

4. Ultimately has your relationship been a healthy one for you and your partner ?
If your relationship has been healthy, then there is not much need to depart from it. Ultimately you will regret this action in the end.

5. Are the rights or wrongs more in your relationship?
You need to compare the rights and wrongs about your relationship before you make a decision.

6. Have I really expressed what i want in my relationship ?
Have i really been open about what i want in this relationship. Have i really talked with my partner about my needs, likes and dislikes of this relationship.

7. Is this really what I need right now?
Is a break up really the right action for my life right now ?

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