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Tips to becoming a good working housewife

Working women are now a days not a rarity.Most of the women are career oriented and it depends on how life is balanced.This is a good trend but the only challenge that arises is time management. If you are too involved with your work, most of your household tasks get ignored or mishandled.

1. It’s all about time management:
Sketch a time table for every single activity of the day. Things done at the right time will give you more enthusiasm and clarity. Speed up things with the help of the time table. Accommodate your household activities as well as office work in the time table. You will get a better idea about where your time is getting wasted once you maintain a log.

2. Spend your entire weekend with your family:
As a working woman, weekends are the only opportunities to spend quality time with your family. Without promising your free time to office colleagues, ensure that you give your time to your husband and children. In fact, your children will miss you if you go out for a movie with your colleagues on a Sunday. Keep all outings for your family.

3. Ask your husband to help in the kitchen:
There is nothing wrong in asking your husband to help you out in the kitchen. You are helping him out by contributing some income to the family. Why not take some help in the kitchen. Discuss the same with your husband and get some minor tasks done by him in the kitchen; in fact, your boring kitchen will become romantic when both of you start cooking food together. Enjoy your work.