Boiled Banana water for weight reduction and sound sleep

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7 Tips for Getting Good and healthy Sleep

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4. Remove photos of somebody passed away and reminders of sad thoughts.

5. Drink tender-coconut water five day. do not eat anything else. Not too hard to guess since cherry juice was one of the first things listed, but they also contain tryptophan which is metabolized into serotonin and finally melatonin.

6. Share sorrows and angriness that buried in your mind to someone trustworthy.

7. Practice shavasana in Yoga. This corpse pose helps to cool down and relax the body. Shavasana has many psychological benefits as it can relieve anxiety, pressure, fatigue, tension and stress. Many people use shavasana to calm down and relax their mind. People suffering from insomnia can use shavasana to drift into sound sleep. Lie flat on the floor, ensuring that there will be no disturbance for the duration of the pose. Make sure you are comfortable, but don’t use any pillows or cushions. It will be best if you lie on a hard surface.




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