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July 24, 2016 Comments Off on Tips to increase skin colour using saffron Views: 3059 Beauty & Fashion

Tips to increase skin colour using saffron

Though saffron possess more health benefits, it stands out for its quality to increase skin colour. Pregnant ladies use this for the beauty of her baby. Check out the ways in which saffron is utilised for this purpose.

Drink a glass of milk topped with saffron daily will increase the skin colour.Different kinds of face pack can be made with saffron.Apply this mixture over the face and wash it off after stipulated time.

1. Mix two to three pieces of saffron with sandal powder and milk.
2. Drop some saffron in milk and wait for 2 hours.
3. Mix saffron, milk, a pinch of sugar and two-three drops of coconut oil.
4. Mix sunflowerseed and saffron in milk over night. Make paste of it.
5. Add saffron to coconut oil, Almond oil or olive oil and massage.
6. Mix saffron with honey to make a paste.
7. Mix saffron and sweet flag in milk.

Apply any one of the mixture over the face and wash it off for better results.