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Tips to pacify short tempered husband

The real thrill and happiness lies in settling quarrels and there you can find the trace of real romance. In love life we often waits for a particular moment or day to celebrate. But the real fact is that you can celebrate every moment of your love. A pleasant look or a sweet smile will be more than enough to forget all the ill feelings and cheer you up.

Here are some tips which you can put into practice.

1. The art of settling quarrel is actually romance. So handle this situations wisely.

2. Don’t provoke him or hurt his ego under any circumstances.

3. Go for an outing and dine together. Gift each other your favourite items.

4. You should take initiative to settle the quarrel and pacify the situation. Make a tasty tea or coffee for him.

5. Try to avoid controversial topics. Don’t hesitate to seek pardon for your mistakes.

6. Always remember that words are the sharpest weapon. Words once said cannot be taken back. It may pierce our heart and leaves a great wound behind.

7. It is highly fallible to avoid your partner. Try to converse as sweetly as you can.


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