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6 Tips to choose proper fitting Bra

Indian women are usually too shy to spend time at the shop to choose proper fitting bras.

Most of them end up wearing ill fitted undergarments which are not only looks obvious but also bad for their health. If bra is not fitted properly it can damage the breast tissue. And if breasts are not supported properly it will lead to back problems.

Here are some tips that can help you find your right fit:

1. Determine the band and cup size.
Wrap your measuring tape around your ribcage, directly and evenly under your breast. Measure around your chest, so that the tape crosses over the fullest part of your breast. Take both numbers and refer to the bra measurement chart for choosing correct size easily.

2. The right bra should be close fitting. But you should be able to get two fingers under the band comfortably. Band is what should do the majority of the work supporting the breast, not the straps.
If the back of the bra is riding up or you’re pulling up the shoulder straps throughout the day, then the band size is too big.You can always adjust the hooks and eyes in the back, but if this still doesn’t do the trick then you’ll need to go a size down.

3. If your bra cup is moulded, your breasts should fill it completely. There shouldn’t be any extra space in the cup. If your breast cannot fit inside and spilling out of your cup, you’ll need to go up a size.
The part of the bra band between the cups should sit flat against your chest, without digging into your skin.

4. Flap your arms about and wave them around. If the band rides up and your breasts start to fall out the bottom, then it’s too big. If this happens, try adjusting the shoulder straps, or make the band smaller.If still same, go down a size.

5.If the bra is big in size, it ride up and pull your back fat up with it. Choose a smaller bra size that sits in the centre of your back where it’s supposed to be and you’ll no longer get the back fat.

6. When wearing bra with an underwire, the wire should lay flat against your breastbone. If the end of it is pointing toward the middle of your armpit, you are good to go. Otherwise you have got the wrong size.