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Top 12 qualities of a good wife

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Wife plays a important role to keep the married life successful. Every man keep a list of expectations about his dream girl. A good wife is a treasure who makes the life easy and comfortable.
Some top qualities man expect are,

1. Easy to get along
Husband and wife are two individuals with own wishes and desires. But when you respect the individuality of husband and adjust to his inclinations, you become wonderful wife in his eyes.

2. Avoid nagging
Men hates frequent complaints and commenting. Advice him mildly if he do mistakes or forgets things and leave it, this is what he expect from you.

3. Do not control him
A man is a man, whether he married or not. He will never let go his private space. Do not expect him to be at your beck and call always.

4. Keep a smile.
Try to be pleasant as much as possible. Show yourself as a cool and composed person.

5. Be smart to manage things
Husband feels comfortable when wife manage household commitments so that he is not burned by family issues. So he can concentrate his job and earn for family.

6. Great sense of humour
Husband feels good to be at home when you laugh with him and share his sense of humour.



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