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Top five cars you can buy under five Lakh rupees

Budget cars are becoming increasingly popular.They offer convenience and easy handling and you don’t have to pay a fortune to earn them. These are the most popular cars in the segment.

Alto 800: Price- 2.59 lakh onwards Mileage- 24.7 km/l India’s bestselling car needs no introduction. The Alto 800 was launched in the year 2012 and was a replacement of the Maruti 800. The 800cc car is a hot favourite among first-car buyers.

Kwid: Price- 2.78 lakhs onwards Mileage- 25.17 km/l Kwid was launched late last year but has reached impressive sales figures within a few months. The long waiting period is evidence of the fact that the car is selling like hot cakes.

Kwid 1.0: Price-3.0 lakhs onwards Mileage- 23km/l A recent update to the older Kwid acknowledges the lack of power in the original variant. The car comes with a 1.0liter engine that still manages to score well on the mileage card.

Hyundai Eon: Price- 3.28 lakhs onwards Mileage- 21.1 km/l Hyundai’s Eon is a great option in the entry-level hatchback segment. The cars interiors is a big plus for in this segment. Considering the low price, the buyer gets much more bang for buck.

Tata Tiago: Price – 3.35 lakhs onwards Mileage- 23.84km/l Tata’s new Tiago, initially named Zica, has proved to be a very affordable option for consumers who don’t want to comprimise on power as well as looks. One of the most promising cars from Tata, Tiago comes with a 1.2liter engine that delivers an ample 84bhp @6000rpm.