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Treatment of hair with ketchup and its other uses

Do you like adding ketchup to your dishes? Ketchup has more than one uses. Of course it is something that completes our dish. But do you know the history of Ketchup? Have you wondered about how it evolved or the secrets behind Ketchup?

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most interesting facts about ketchup that you should know.
Ketchup was originally a cooking Ingredient! Ketchup, being primarily a condiment, was one of the main ingredients in foods like peas, flavor fish, meat and poultry while being cooked. Ketchup Cure!

■ It was used to remove the noxious content from the body by emptying bile from the liver into the intestines!
■ Ketchup also is used as a Preventive for Cancer. Consuming Ketchup is good for the heart and apart from the previous health benefit, it also helps to prevent cancer.
■ Did you know Ketchup can also be used to polish metals? It’s true! Since ketchup has tomatoes and vinegar, it is a perfect combination to clean any metal.

Do you want to restore your hair to its original color?
Then try ketchup on it! It sounds disgusting but it works! Treatment of Hair With Ketchup is not unheard of ! Who knew that one could treat chlorine-damaged hair with ketchup for a homemade hair mask that restores color.Remove the green from your hair by washing it in ketchup, letting the ketchup soak into your hair, rinsing the ketchup free, and re washing your hair with conditioner. This takes between 20 and 30 minutes and requires ketchup and cool water. Allow the ketchup to soak into your hair for up to 30 minutes. This time is necessary for the acid in the tomatoes to eat through the chemicals causing your hair to turn green. The red tones help to counteract the green ones and return your hair to its natural color.