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July 12, 2016 Comments Off on Trending post wedding nude photoshoots in India Views: 7912 Sensationary

Trending post wedding nude photoshoots in India

Photoshoots are commonly conducted in wedding, receptions etc. Outdoor shoots after the wedding is the recent trend. Have you ever imagined what would happen if the couples ask to shoot their intimate moments? What will be the reaction of the photographer?

Let’s lend our ears to the experience of a famous wedding photographer Priyanka Sacchar from Gurghawon. A couple from Luclnow asked her to capture their first night sequences. She didn’t take up this task as she can’t assure that the snaps can’t be kept under private security.

Fisan Patel from Delhi shared yet another shocking experience. The groom approached a photographer before marriage. He demanded the consent of the bride. When he agreed all terms and condition, to avoid him, the demand was a very huge remuneration. They were even ready to pay it. But later, he dropped the assignment as he can’t publish or share the work under his own name. Also it is unfair to follow the privacies of the newly wedded.

Amit Mahendru shares a different experience. A NRI couple from Lucknow wanted their intimate moments at the first night to be shot in a beach. The photographer agreed to take up the chance after paid well. He openly confessed that the shot which gave primary focus to the emotions in half nude appearance crossed his control.

The lip lock is trending common in India too. This report points to the signs that the photoshoot of first night trends at our doorstep at any time.