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September 12, 2016 Comments Off on Trendy new Onam hairstyles on women Views: 4673 Beauty & Fashion

Trendy new Onam hairstyles on women

Check out these cool looks on these beautiful women. As the keralites say it ‘Onam Ponnonam’ is here. And these women want a different look for onam. It is a traditional set up to decorate your hair with ‘Mullapoovu’ on Onam. But its a trendy way for women to change the way to wear these flowers on their hair.

The 10-day Onam festival will go on until September 14. You may have already bought your Kasavu or Kerala sarees for Onam. But now you can also choose a noticeable hairstyle to go with your beautiful saree. we cover everything you need to know about gajra hairstyles to wear with Kasavu sarees on Onam. Here are ten different styles to dress up for onam. Make your white and gold saree look even more beautiful with these listed hairstyles.

1. The Full Gajra
This is basically a wedding hairstyle where the gajra style is graceful and drives full attention to your hair. The trick is you make a little bun and then pleat your hair. The bounce of the hair will help to bring out the full gajra effect.

2. The Full Cover Bun:
Make the gajra hair style into looking like a huge bun. This hairstyle will go perfectly well with women with smaller heads. This also falls under the bridal category. Pick a net saree for this one.

3. Two Lined Gajra:
Pick your style to impress your friends and family, the two lined gajra is the most famous one of the group. Its unique and impressive.Make a bun. Cover the sides of bun with a gajra line and then pin another line on the bun. Add a head jewellery if you like.

4. The Lily Gajra
Choose lily in place of mogra or chameli. Add lily on the side of your bun. You can make a simple bun or the one with braids or hair twist and turn.

5. The Easy Gajra:
If you want to do an easy hairstyle we suggest this one. If you are running out of time, go with this. Tie a neat bun and put a line of gajra around it.

6. Open Gajra:
This gajra style just looks amazingly elegant.

7. Accentuated Gajra
Stunning and modern for a simple and easy to do hairstyle.

8. The Two-Layered Gajra:
This gajra takes time and practice to do. We suggest you do this if you are a professional hair stylist.

9. The Under Layered Gajra:
Anyone can do this style, Be ready to surprise your family with this new check out hairstyle.

10. Bun Gajra With Space:
Wrap your bun in gajra and leave a bit of space that will flash your hair in a way that top of your hair can be seen but the bottom of the hair won’t.

Source Credit: boldsky.com