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September 30, 2016 Comments Off on What type of Head ache do you have? Find out how its related to your health. Views: 1815 Featured, Health

What type of Head ache do you have? Find out how its related to your health.

Did you know the types of Headaches that are caused for different sorts of reasons. Well if you are stressed you might have a headache. If you were in the sun for too long that can cause you a nasty migraine. All of us sometimes experience headaches, and in order to solve them there is an effective trick .

Eating a banana and drinking lots of water is a cool trick to get rid of your headache. Potassium helps you get over head pain quick. But different headaches have different treatment methods. This is because of the numerous headache types that may occur, and thus common treatments may not apply to many of them. Headaches may be caused by common reasons like dehydration or fatigue , but they may often indicate a more serious health issue.

Sinus Headache and a Natural Remedy that can help
These headaches are a result of an infection, and may lead to a pressure felt on the cheeks, eyes, forehead as well as a fever.
Treatment: Consume as many fluids as possible. Consume a few oranges, drink a lemon green tea , consume some foods high in vitamin C , as vitamin C helps the body to fight infections and is high in antioxidants. Apply hot and cold compresses, reduce the pain by eating fresh ginger or a warm soup, as it has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties.

Tension Headache
This is the most common type of headache found. IF you are having pain in the back of the neck or the head. It may also cause a radiating pain above or below the eye area.
Natural Remedy: In order to successfully reduce the pain combine peppermint oil and ginger tea . Add peppermint oil to the hairline in order to cause a cooling sensation in order to relax the head and neck muscles. Also, ginger tea will alleviate the inflammation.

Cluster Headache
Cluster Headache you can feel pain over your eye and it mostly affects women.
Treatment: Capsaicin cream includes cayenne pepper an active ingredient . A small amount of it applied to the nostril will cause a blockade of the nerve pain signals.

Half of your face is in pain and you have symptoms like dizziness, extreme sensitivity to light, smell, sound, touch, nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, as well as numbness or tingling in the face. The symptoms radiate from the top of the head downward.
Treatment: It has been shown that numerous migraine patients benefit from the use of magnesium ,vitamin, and omega-3 fatty acids.