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September 24, 2016 Comments Off on 5 Unbelievable Causes For Cancer Views: 3371 Featured, Health

5 Unbelievable Causes For Cancer

We would never on earth think these reasons cause cancer. We all know the main causes for cancer like smoking cigarettes, beedis, etc exposure to certain chemicals and unhealthy diet can also cause cancer.

However did you know there are other ways you can get cancer. These are some of the ways that one would never suspect that will give them cancer. Our living style needs to change to be healthy and away from cancer.

1. Excess Sugar
Too much sugar, and you are prone to breast cancer. A research study has found that excess sugar consumption can cause cancerous inflammations in the body.

2. Hot Beverages
Having too much hot drinks? Well you need to stop it. There is a possibility of cancer in it. Hot beverages can cause carcinogenic changes in the throat and food pipe, thereby leading to cancer.

3. Processed Meat
Be very sure of the meat you buy as it may lead you to cancer. Stay away from fast food centers as possible. According to a research study, consuming processed meat can lead to colon cancer in some people.

4. Unhealthy Love Making
A se—ually transmitted disease, is commonly contracted through oral s—x, and this disease can cause cancers of the mouth, neck and throat later on in life. Lipstick Certain lipsticks which contain harmful chemicals can also cause cancer when ingested by the user accidentally.

5. Plastic Bottles
Another cause for cancer can be drinking out of plastic bottles regularly, as they can contain carcinogens or cancer-causing agents.