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Unhealthy practices you follow every morning

Ask yourself. Do you belong to any of these group? Don’t you feel refreshed when you wake up early morning? Will you skip your breakfast daily? If you belong to any group, it is truly unhealthy. Here are some suggestions to change such habits

Get up slowly from the bed. Don’t be hasteful.Also just warm yourselves up by stretching our body muscles. Turn to your right side to get out of the bed.That will help you to maintain the equilibrium of energy which was lost during the night’s sleep. The first thing you have to do is to tone your body for the day.The mistakes you commit at the day break will affect your whole day adversely. If you continue those routine, it can cause severe health issues.

Immediately when you wake up, take a deep breath silently for sometime. Then drink a glass of pure water.Follow these habits regularly so that you can really enjoy your life. Our muscles, especially spinal, will be stiff in the morning. If you don’t release, it will stay likewise throughout the day. So stretching the body 3-4 times to loosen the muscles and breathing deep will do good. If you are starting your day with a tea or coffee, it is too worse.For better metabolism take a lime juice. Later you can go for tea or green tea.

It is not so good to check your messages and mails early morning. You can’t solve all the problems of the world as soon as you get up.Your fresh energy should be utilised for health. Checking mails and messages will only help to loose your freshness. This will dump you into dissatisfaction and spoil the whole day. So it is better to do it after reaching your workplace. The magical formula of 20 minutes exercise, 20 minutes meditation and 20 minutes reading good books help you to regain energetic freshness.

Do you skip your breakfast regularly? Grave health issues like obesity, diabetics, loss of immunityt are waiting you.It is not necessary that you have to dine like a king, but it is a must to take your breakfast. If you skip your breakfast a day, it will upset your routine.Since there is a lengthy gap between the last day’s dinner and early morning breakfast, it will lower your blood sugar level. Having anything within half an hour will regulate the sugar level.Days beginning with soaked almonds, brown bread, chappathi or with fresh fruits it will definitely keep you healthy. Positive energy envelopes you if you enjoy the natural sounds such as bird’s song, sea waves, chanting etc stimulates your energy and retains for ever.