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Sheela remembers How Mammootty broke his leg in the past for cinema

Sheela talks about her memories of Mammootty and how director Vishwambaran was wrong about him.
We acted together in Sphodanam first . When i remember about Sphodanam and ‘mammooty as a newcomer’ i have nostalgia. I still have nostalgia when i see the scene where Madhu and Sukumaran escape from prison. The shot where the two actors jump from the prison wall. Its a very tall wall, so there was a foam bed underneath to minimize the damage of the fall. But when Mammooka jumped there was no much precautions taken. The bed was not offered to Mammooty, after seeing this i had got very angry and emotional. I was also the producer of this film so i had a fight with Pg Viswambaran about this incident. I said to him that doing this to new comers is not right. But at that time Vishwambaran was a hot headed man and even for small mistakes he used to shout on the sets with the crew. So when i asked him about this his reply was, “these guys are all the same, we don’t need a work bed for comfort. They will come today and go tomorrow. That’s all”

But now we can ultimately say that he was in the wrong and Mammooty has proved it with time. Mammootty is one of the biggest name in the industry and still not called it quits. In the old times , Mammootty had no choice but to take the risk of jumping from such a height. He even broke his leg while jumping. But we were all sad about this incident. But still he did not call it quits. With that broken leg he acted for many scenes ahead in Sphodanam. I really don’t know if such an act was his craze for cinema or his braveness. But anyways he showed his spirit by doing that act.
Even if he was a good advocate and had a good safe secure profession his thrill was towards acting. Sheela says that spirit made his career in acting a success and earned a place in heart of every Malayali.