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Visit these 5 haunting cemeteries before you die

“Visit the graveyards sometimes and read the headstone epitaphs! There is much to learn from the dark face of the life!”  – Mehmat Murat

Death matters. In it’s all level. We always think about the secret of death.  But we cannot find it unless we search it in the heart of life. Life and death is one as river and sea is one at the end. Death is only a line between these unities. Have you ever visited a graveyard or cemetery? If no, you must visit. There are lots of things to learn. There is a silence awaits you which you never experienced. Headstones of each graveyard have plenty of stories that unfolded and uncompleted.

If you are ready, you must visit these 5 cemeteries before somebody takes you there. It will change you. It will give you something new.

1. Bonaventure Cemetery

 bonaventure cemetryThis breathtaking cemetery takes place at Savannah in Georgia. It is renowned in the murder mystery of “midnight in the garden of good and evil”. It is a beautiful and silent resting place where you can feel the spirits in its air.

2. Old Burying Point Cemetery

old-Burying_Point_Cemetery_Salem_5It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Massachusetts which dates back to 1637.  It is known for tortured souls roam around. Most of the visitors have experienced the presence of spirits by touching, drops in temperature, orbs of light etc.

3. Pere Lachaise Cemetery

paris-pere-lachaise-gravestone-walking-tour-in-paris-130599It is one of the most renowned resting places where many greatest artists were rest in peace. Ever adorable personalities like Oscar wild, Edith Piaf, and Frederic Chopin etc are lying there. There is a ghost of a prime minister named Thiers who lived in 19th century.  It will pull the visitors close to grave.

4. Manoa Chinese Cemetery

ChineseCemeteryThis cemetery is situated at Oahu in Hawaii. Which is seemingly a peaceful resting place but enormous infants were buried here. Most of them are babies of immigrant workers who lived in a time when the infant mortality rate was very high here. Many of the children were buried together as according to the Chinese belief they can play each other after death. It is common in this cemetery that phantom fires and swirls of light sound here. Also neighbors have heard crying of little baby and same time giggling of children here. If you visit here you will definitely become under a deep gloomy sadness. You will miss your child irresistibly.

cemetry hill5. Cemetery Hill

This hill of cemetery is a place where many soldiers lost their life in the battle of Gettysburg was staggering. The bodies of murdered soldiers left in the street as awaited the burial. You may feel phantom smells and restless apparitions even now.



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