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Vitamin B – complex is not that complex

We know that there are different nutrients which are important for the healthy body-vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals etc. Vitamins play a vital role in the growth and development of human body. It was Kasimer Fank who gave the name ‘vitamin’ to the nutrient. The realised Vitamins are A, B(Complex), C, D, E ,K. B and C dissolve in water whereas A D E and K are soluble in fat.

We have seen that doctors prescribing Folic acid ( vit B-9) to pregnant ladies. Here we are giving an infoline of vit-B.

Vitamin B1
Functions: Scientifically known as Thiamine, B1 helps in the growth of brain, nerves and muscles.
Sources: Pork, liver, whole grains, bread, cereal, nuts,egg, milk, legumes.
Deficiency: results Cardiomyopathy, Beriberi, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, mental confusion.

Vitamin B2
Functions: Riboflavin assists in breaking down food for energy
Sources: Liver, kidney, cheese, egg, cereal, bread, legumes
Deficiency: diseases Ariboflavinosis, cracked lips, sore tongue, skin disorders, impaired vision.

Vitamin B3
Functions: Niacin also caters in breaking down food for energy.
Source: Fish, meat, poultry, whole grain, breads, cereals, peanuts, eggs.
Deficiency: diseases Sore, red cracked skin, mouth sore, digestive irritation, diarrhea, anxiety/dementia.

Vitamin B5
Functions: Pantothenic acid favours dismantling of fat, protiens and carbohydrates
Sources: Meat, Broccoli, Avocados
Deficiency: disease Pellagra, Paresthesia.

Vitamin B6
Functions: Pyridoxine assists in the breaking down of food for energy.
Sources: Meat, vegetables, banana
Deficiency: disease Anemia, peripheral neuropathy

Vitamin B7
Functions: Biotin assists metabolism, carbohydrate and fatty acid activity.
Sources: Raw egg yolk, liver, peanuts, certain vegetables.
Deficiency: disorder Dermatitis, Enteritis

Vitamin B9
Functions: Folic Acid helps in cell division, healing and growth of muscles and cells, protein metabolism.
Source: Pasta, leafy vegetables, bread, cereal, liver
Deficiency: results Megaloblastic anemia. Deficiency during pregnancy is associated with birth defects such as tube defects.

Vitamin B12
Functions: Cyanocobalamin helps in production of RBC, healthy nerves
Sources: Liver and other animal products( here vegetarians have to struggle )
Deficiency: Megaloblastic anemia.

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