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September 7, 2015 Comments Off on Vitamin C ‘as effective as exercise’ for obesity vascular health Views: 757 Health

Vitamin C ‘as effective as exercise’ for obesity vascular health

Daily dose as helpful as walking

The researchers found that daily supplementation of vitamin C at a time-release dose of 500 mg daily reduced endothelin-1-mediated vessel constriction as much as walking did.

The 35 sedentary, overweight/obese adults completed 3 months of either the supplementation (20 participants) or aerobic exercise training (15 participants).

Measures included forearm blood flow and responses to intra-arterial infusion of endothelin-1 before and after each intervention.

Vasoconstriction to endothelin-1 increased similarly – about two-fold – in response to both interventions.

Turning to the other end of the spectrum of physical fitness, a review in February 2013 found that vitamin C may help people under heavy physical stress, such as marathon runners,cut their chances of getting a cold.

In June 2013, it was reported that vitamin C consumption can cut the risk of people with asthma developing exercise-induced bronchoconstriction.