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Do you want people to love you? Then keep these things.

Everyone wants to grab the attraction and love around them. Love is not only to take, but moreover it is to give. So do not reduce it into a mere dream. By acting and working hard only one can attract others. If we make some changes in behavior and deeds, it will definitely bring you love from people around you.

Make capable of laughing at your own mistakes

While talking to more than two members, try to laughing at your own mistakes if it happened. If you can ignore small errors and mistakes with a slight smile, others will love your presence always.

Do not hesitate to tell jokes

If you are good at joking, it would entertain people and thus they would seek your presence.

Give space to others while you are talking

Your good behavior will reflect in your speaking itself. If you respect others you will never limit them to talk. Give space to them also.

Smile to everyone

Everyone loves those who talk with smile.  A honest smile from depth of your heart can strengthen all kind of relationships.

Talk without hesitation

Even if you are meeting at first time, make it cool and without hesitation or fear. This would let others feel comfort.

Appreciate without miserliness

Do not try misery in appreciating someone who deserves it. Appreciate a person even if he/she deserve it little or more.

Listen to somebody carefully

Give complete listening to one who talks to you. If they convinced of you are an honest and sincere listener it would strengthen your bond.




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