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September 18, 2016 Comments Off on How much water you should drink according to your weight Views: 1615 Health

How much water you should drink according to your weight

For our survival we need water in our body. But did you know that drinking water should be done according to your weight.
We loose Water from our body constantly through sweat, urine, and other functions. That’s why we need to constantly replenish it.

Our climate is getting hotter by the second and due to all the global warming effects our body gets dried and dehydrated. That’s because without water, your body can’t engage in the vital life support functions.

This chart will help you figure out how much water you should each day. It’s based on how much you weigh. However, Just drink as much water as you can. You have to drink tons of water before it becomes too much, so drink anyway.

Water also helps you build muscles. If you are working out a lot in the gym but not gaining much muscle it maybe because you are not drinking much fluids.