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Water works wonder in health and beauty

Drinking water is part of our diet. But when to drink and how much determines the healthy side of the drink.

  1. Drinking a glass of pure water in empty stomach immediately after getting out of your bed. It eliminates wastes from the body and refresh it. It also promotes the overall function of our body.
  2. Drinking two glasses of water in empty bowel helps in tummy reduction. It reduces the calorie content of the body. It also eliminates unnecessary fat from the body.
  3. As it increases metabolism it is better to have a glass of water before sleep.
  4. It is an unhealthy practice to drink water immediately after meals. You would better take a glass of water half an hour before or after meals.
  5. Don’t try to fill your tummy with water if you feel hungry.
  6. Drink adequate amount of water during day time and a glass before bedtime. It helps you get sound sleep.
  7. Having water before and after workout session will help in strengthening of muscles.