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November 30, 2016 Comments Off on The ways to open websites, without internet connection Views: 2162 Technology

The ways to open websites, without internet connection

The positive effects of information technology are bringing incredible changes in the manner we lead our lives. But even now there are people who are unable to reap the benefits of this revolution, as they don’t have a smartphone or internet connectivity. But it is possible to open websites on your mobile without the internet. One can actually browse without the internet. An Android app has made this possible. By making use of this app you can download the page that you want to read, even without an internet connection. Here are the steps to do it.

1. First download and install offline browser app on your Android phone
2. Open the app after it is installed. A screen will appear and then you have to click on + icon
3. On next page you have to put the link that you want to download. Then click on download
4. You will have to wait till the browser downloads the link
5. Once downloaded you can open the links without internet connection
6. After this you can browse the saved pages and open the links that you have downloaded. All this, without net connection