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November 6, 2016 Comments Off on Ways to prevent hair fall in men Views: 3757 Awareness

Ways to prevent hair fall in men

Hair fall is not something that worries women only.Men are also victims of this troubling phenomenon.But there are means to get over this difficulty.Here are some solutions.

1. Take protein rich foods
Make a habit of taking protein rich foods like eggs,chicken,pulses etc.

2. Oil massage
Massaging with lukewarm coconut oil or other oils is a good method to prevent hair fall.

3. Avoid head sweating
Sweating in the head can lead to accumulation of dirt and other particles on the hair which will weaken the roots of the hair.Hence avoid hair sweating.

4. Egg white
Rubbing egg white will enable the hair to get protein directly.

5. Gooseberry powder and lime juice
Applying a mixture of gooseberry powder and lime juice will strengthen the hair.

6. Green tea
Applying green tea on hair can be beneficial to the hair and will prevent hair fall.

7. Mixture of coconut milk and coconut oil
Rubbing a mixture of coconut oil and coconut milk on the scalp too can help prevent hair fall.