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December 15, 2016 Comments Off on Wear socks during contact to have a better or – gasm Views: 3950 Men & Women

Wear socks during contact to have a better or – gasm

In a attempt to spice up their s – (e) – x life, couples look for different ways including ravishing clothes and bringing toys into play, in addition to trying role play with various outfits. But apart from this array of accessories, one more very common yet strange piece of clothing is said to work wonders for your s – (e) x life. A recent study has come out with a revelation that wearing socks while having contact can help couples have better or – gasms and made the experience in bed even more amazing. The study said that 80% of the couples said they reached or – gasm while wearing socks and only 50% couples climaxed without their socks on.

The study seems to suggest that by keeping people warm during x contact, socks dilate blood vessels in the feet and improve blood flow, something that is known to be instrumental in enhancing sek – xual action and facilitating a good or – gasm.