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November 16, 2016 Comments Off on Website to locate ATM s with cash Views: 3252 Technology

Website to locate ATM s with cash

As cash, crunch continues to severely affect people many innovative things are being tried to lessen the burden. In a welcome development for people waiting outside the ATMs to withdraw cash, a website has come up to help locate an ATM with cash in your vicinity. www.cashnocash.com updates real time statistics based on the users’ feedback and lets you know which ATM has cash, which has long queues and which has gone cash-dry. Just log in and type in your area code. The website will display which ATM has cash and which doesn’t. It is based on users’ feedback,and by clicking the ATM venue link and one of the three options — cash, long wait and no cash — need to be selected to help the website get updated for other users.