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June 9, 2016 Comments Off on Weight reduction even at office Views: 2304 Fitness & Wellness

Weight reduction even at office

Routine hurrying to office, tensions at workplace, home making in the evening make most of us to think of rest. It is too difficult for them to find time for exercise. Due to this busy schedule most of us keep aside the idea of regular exercise. How is the idea of an effortless exercise package. Its simple. We are talking about weight reduction using chair even at office or home. Just have a try.

1. Try to turn back using upto abdominal part in sitting position.Repeat this by turning both ways. This simple exercise will help tummy reduction.
2. Sit steadily on the chair. Spread your legs by affixing foot firmly on the floor. Hold both hands on the chair between the thighs. Breathe in (inhale) and breathe out (exhale) forcefully. Change the position of hands (keep aside) and repeat. This will help in the reduction of fat in thighs.
3. Press both palms on the chair and lift yourself up by applying complete force on the hands.
5. Try cycling in the sitting position.
6. Keep your backbone straight (follow correct posture). This helps in the digestion process and prevents fat deposition in the stomach.