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Story behind the success of ‘Kottayam Kunjachan’

July 5, 2016 Comments Off on What happened to MG Sreekumar? Views: 12947 Entertainment, South, Video

What happened to MG Sreekumar?

What happened to MG Sreekumar? Where is M G Sreekumar now a days, not even in mini screen!
Recently, in an interview given to popular magazine, ‘Kanyaka’ M G Sreekumar talks about his development as a singer. He backtracks years back, when he was a budding Carnatic singer. In the interview, he says that his sister used to be envious of him because he received Rs.5000 for a concert at a very young age. “From that day onwards, she saw me through the eyes of an enemy”, he says. Earlier, there were reports that the singer was not in good terms following his rebellious marriage. It seems that all those allegations were in fact true. However, he also said that he never had any problems with his brother M G Radhakrishnan. Watch video in Malayalam.