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April 20, 2016 Comments Off on What happened when Bravo caught Dhoni’s collar after the match? Views: 2431 Sports

What happened when Bravo caught Dhoni’s collar after the match?

India and West Indies had a very friendly relation for longtime. It enhanced during the IPL matches were there many players performs together in teams like Mubai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Kolakata Knight Riders, and Royal Challengers Banglore etc.  Even after India – West Indies T20 Semi final match Bravo’s write ups quoting Dhoni as his best dhost shows their smooth relation together.

dhoni_bravoBut soon after the India – West Indies Warm up match, during World T20 Cup, the cricket world has witnessed to a more surprising scene. It happened between West-indies all-rounder Bravo and Indian captain Dhoni. What the matter is Bravo held Dhoni’s collar after defeat. It seemed to be something serious is going to happen between them. All these happened while other players were appreciating each other. The crowd of Eden Garden stunned for a second to them. But later, everyone realized that it was a friendly banter between Dwayne Bravo and Mahendra Singh Dhoni .



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