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June 24, 2016 Comments Off on What happens if you put garlic in your ear Views: 5800 Awareness

What happens if you put garlic in your ear

Garlic is a ingredient that is very often used, it treats colds, flu with its antibacterial properties, as well as many medical situations.

Here is one miracle coming from this old medicine.

Garlic removes pain in ears, helps with headaches.
1. Having pain in ear is the unpleasant feeling. Garlic glove reduces and removes it in a moment. Simply put cleaned garlic clove in your ear like a ear plug. You will feel that pain and inflammation passes in few minutes and you will feel heat spreading through ear.

2. Put in both ears before going to bed and let garlic remains in the ears over night. You will feel brand new. It cures headache too.

3. Garlic lowers the body temperature. Ideal for children, chop garlic slices, soak them in Apple cider vinegar and place it on the legs and ears of the child. Temperature comes down very quickly in fever.