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8 Mistakes that your Partner usually Makes In Bed

September 16, 2016 Comments Off on Why Indian girls lie about their affairs before marriage? Views: 7940 Featured, Relation

Why Indian girls lie about their affairs before marriage?

A research was conducted to know why most Indian born girls have the tendency to lie to their partners about their past physical relation experiences. And the study proved the men who victimize the women for having prior affairs are the reason for the fear. Men’s health magazine asked women why they thought hiding their past relationships from their partners would be a good idea.

The woman replied they would be held to guilt if they were reminded about those relationships by their partners. From young, Indian women are traditionally brought up inside their homes. But does this mean Men can deprive women of their feelings and needs. Can men guilt women into being afraid of healthy physical relationships.

In a liberal viewpoint, the perspective of men need to change for the fear to go away. Our society shouldn’t show double standards to men and women when it comes to intercourse.

Equality gives every man and women the right to decide about their relationships and be guilt free of it. So there is no need for any women to lie in a marriage about their past relationships.