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July 9, 2016 Comments Off on 5 Reasons why wife hates her husband Views: 12788 Featured, Relation

5 Reasons why wife hates her husband

Every husband wishes his wife should love him the most. But due to some or the other reason they stop loving their husbands and instead feel hatred towards them. There is a strong and clear reason behind this. Five reasons why wife hate her husband are cited below.

1. Cheating
No wife can forgive cheating from the side of husband that easily especially extra marital relationship. Wives are intolerable to such attitude of husband who conceals financial dealings.

2. Personal space
Even if married, women too have their personal choices and tastes which they love to maintain. But most husbands won’t value her interests. This would end in breaking-up.

3. Wife as a tool
Some husband use wives for their personal benefits. Women can’t tolerate this kind of behaviour from their husbands at any cost. They suspect the sincerity of his love for them and naturally develop hatred towards him.

4. Irresponsible behaviour
Retreating from responsibilities towards wife can break up the relationship. Keeping away from family get together, not accompanying for shopping as promised earlier etc rose hatred in wives towards their husbands.

5. Lose respect
Mutual respect is the strongest point in marital relation as in every other relation. But when regular complaints and respectlessness help only to lose mutual trust. There develops a lack of intimacy and love towards husband. Gradually this may lead to hatred.


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