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Wives should avoid doing these things before their husbands

It is said that weddings are made in heaven. But the marital life has to be made into a heaven and it doesnt automatically become one. Both the husband and wife have equal responsibility in making a relationship tick. As a wife a woman should desist from doing the following things so that relationship doesn’t become cumbersome.

1. Stop Being A Gossiper
If you want to rant to your husband about your day and let him know all those juicy stories, he is going to hate. So, don’t waste your time.

2. Never hide that time of the month
If you’re down at that time of the month, let you’re man know the reason, instead of him guessing what is wrong with your mood.

3. Never Argue On Networks
Never make the mistake of arguing on networks with your husband. Deal with your marital problems at home within the four walls.

4. Don’t Behave Like A Child
Never make the mistake of behaving like a child in front of your husband. He married an adult and not a kid.

5. Peeing In Front Of Him
This is one of the gross things to do as a couple. Never take a leak with the door open allowing your man to watch. It goes vice versa too.