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October 4, 2016 Comments Off on Some women broke up with their partner due to these reasons Views: 1841 Relation

Some women broke up with their partner due to these reasons

These women thought these reasons in bed were enough to call it quits on a relationship. When a survey was conducted these women replied about the serious issues of their ex partner in bed. They believe a damaged s- -x life can be the reason for a troubled marriage and ultimately it will fail.

Five issues in Bed that women stay away from.

1. Never trying anything new
“I met my ex-wife when I was 17 years old, and she was the first person I ever had physical contact with. After we got married, I think that we both felt that we were stuck together and unable to discover new things about s—x. We could have done more to be open with each other, but after having a child and then a miscarriage, physical contact never really felt pleasurable. We’re much better as friends and co-parents.

2. Thinking of other women while on bed with your partner
I believed at my core that it was wrong to go on this way, and he showed no sustained interest in exploring potential solutions with me. You deserve to be married to someone who makes you feel desired

3. Work before relationship, have intercourse at least once a week or you will lose touch.
“The truth is that my now – ex – husband and I engaged in physical relation a total of three times over the play of one-and-a-half years of marriage, which is largely why I ended it.”

4. Take physical contact life too seriously
“My husband took physical contact way too seriously. He was perverse and took like a job. It was all work and no play.”

5. Not listening to your partner’s needs
I was so clueless that I missed her requests to slow it down and take more time for her.”