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October 5, 2016 Comments Off on Should Indian Women stay at home and play house? Views: 2064 Men & Women

Should Indian Women stay at home and play house?

Men judge women on physical appearances. Most men comment on a woman’s physical self and they judge them from appearances. Fake Indian morale has taught the community to be cruel towards divorced women, who are usually mothers of two or three. They have no hope of a second good marriage or a better love life. Not that they are complaining about it. But there is that male chauvinist ego of a superior self that floats above when you think about such a scenario. Men who are divorced and single are ready to mingle. But when a Indian female is divorced she should be a stay at home mother and teach her children moral values by keeping herself from other men. Is it too much for them to ask for love? What gives the men the right to have a bigger benefit from a divorce?

Thoughts and perceptions are being changed day to day, the youth is coming up with a liberal way of thinking and the society is slowly accepting its good side. But still there are conservatives asking women, why don’t they just stay at homes and play house.

Are these women just fit for acting out their parts as mothers and wives? Some people ask these liberals would you say the same about your mother and sister. Would you find it normal if they go out and find men and fall in love. Wont it be awkward for you. Well yes, in truth it would be because we all were raised in that scenario. But when you look at freedom in a broader perspective and when you look at love as a more meaningful word than lust. You will see the difference and let the women in your family decide for themselves how they want to live their lives. It is their life after all and chaining someone to the ground is much like fascism. Communication is the best form to understand what are the needs of middle aged men and women.

Some of us are explorers and want to find what’s out there for ourselves. Tying down women to kitchens, office jobs and day lives are weakening their spirits of freedom. Women need to break free and create a respect for themselves so that men will also understand their needs as human beings. When will finally some Indian Men and Women break free from their conservative mindset and evolve to a better being? Or maybe the evolution just starts from your own families when you correct your family members from these mistakes. Mistakes of hypocrisy and narcissism. So remember to take small steps when communicating with the opposite gender, may it be a man or woman we have to treat them equally with respect.

Source Credit: Sukhmani Waraich, vagabomb.com