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November 6, 2016 Comments Off on Women gossip about women, not men: Bhagyalakshmi Views: 3953 Talk

Women gossip about women, not men: Bhagyalakshmi

Renowned dubbing artist and actress Bhagyalakshmi is in the spotlight for her commendable intervention in a grave women’s issue that is hogging the headlines. Bhagyalakshmi known for her forthright views said that she is not willing to blame all men for the difficulties women folk are confronting. She points out that it is not men who are in the forefront of maligning women. But women do more gossiping about their fellows than men. In an interview to a leading magazine Bhagyalakshmi says that she has done her best towards the welfare of women when she held responsible positions.

Bhagyalakshmi was speaking about her role as a welfare board member. The award winning artiste also added that she is not naive enough to believe that she will lose her chastity if a man touches her. According to her many rich people don’t have the time to help out the poor. She says that she has done her mite towards being a channel in the endeavor of rich to aid the poor.