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World Milk Day: Some curious facts that challenges our knowledge

Our relation with milk starts with the day one we are born. As this relation progresses options like cow’s ( dairy) milk and later packet milk and milk powder conquers the scene. Labelled under ‘ Complete food’, though under debate, milk possesa an indispensible role in human life. No wonder, we Indians are even familiar with ‘ Tiger Milk’ which Lord Ayyappa brought to cure his ‘ mother’s stomachache’

At this juncture of celebrating World Milk Day, paying homage to Dr. Varghese Kurien ( father of White revolution popular as Milk man of India), let’s look at some type of milk you haven’t ever imagined.

Milk of animals like cow, goat, buffalo are familiar. To our surprise milk of animals such as yak, rabbit, pig, horse/donkey, reindeer, giraffe, camel etc proved to be the best optional drink for man. Reduced fat, rich in protiens, vitamins and minerals etc are the attractive facts of these types of milk . Vegetarian milk is also available in market viz soy milk, carrot milk and so on. Hence milk stands out as a complete energy drink.