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Warning signs! your partner may be cheating you

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Here are some of the warning signs of a spouse that may be cheating. These behaviors are only indicators of a cheating spouse and never make a conclusion without confirming what is happening.

1. Sudden change in partner’s attitude. Arguing on small matters then there is a chance that he /she want end up the relationship with you.

2. If your partner is not paying much attention to you or not giving you much importance then she/he might be cheating.

3. Dramatic change in your communication method. Your partner is in long distance and started avoiding video calls, there is a high chance that your partner is avoiding you and the relationship might be in trouble.

4. You may doubt him /her if: your partner suddenly stops wearing the wedding ring and gives unreasonable excuses .Or he/she starts wearing new ornament like ring or bracelet which is newly bought or gifted by someone ,especially when going out without you.

5. Cheating partner may encourage the spouse to have a social life and go out of town or for shopping ,to keep her/him away from home.

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