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October 5, 2016 Comments Off on Your sleeping position may be killing you Views: 3606 Health

Your sleeping position may be killing you

Have you felt any discomfort after getting up from a long sleep. This reason is because you are sleeping wrong. Your position at sleep might be a bad one, that will give u backaches, hip pain and neck pain. What can be done to make them right? Just use this simple technique to ensure proper sleeping position for better comfort.

You may have been sleeping wrong your entire life and it may lead to your death. Some people unknowingly turn to their right side while sleeping. There is a way you can stop this, just keep a pillow on your right side in a way that it stops you from turning over.

Why is it killing you? Because you are sleeping on your right side. There are a number of reasons why you should not do that. Most experts advice you to sleep on your back because that’s the best position for your body. IF you still think sleeping on your right side is healthy. Lets check out why not

1. For pregnant women, you are reducing the blood circulation for your unborn child.
2. It can cause Heartburn and Numbness
When you are sleeping sideways, your arm gets squished and blood flow reduces while you are sleeping. This is a grave danger for your health. This also can be the reason for insomnia.
3. It can be precancerous : GRED gastroesophageal reflux is bad for your esophagus and it can be cancerous.

So unless you don’t want cancer, the best position to sleep is on your back!